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Wednesday at Noon – March 27, 2019

This week we’re turned 90 degrees! We do a new song that I may or may not have played on W@12 before…called “One More Bucket of Mortar” Check out the song page for more details and background on the song! (coming soon)

Wednesday at Noon – March 20, 2019

This week I play a new ditty called “I Hope You Learned a Lot” which is basically about dying. Sorry to be morbid but my family and I just went through the mourning of my Grandmother, Anna Ester (Zigrino) Statile, who was 92 and 11 months old. Unfortunately her mind was fading due to dementia, […]

Wednesday at Noon – March 6, 2019

This week’s W@N goes out to my Grandmother who is in hospice–after 92 years on this earth. Two broken hips at that age gets you there. I’m sharing another new song I wrote called “My Life Is For Sale.” It was born out of 2 unique experiences that happened recently. 1) My grandmother’s failing body; […]

Wednesday at Noon – Feb 27, 2019

Wednesday At Noon – 2/27/19Watch this video on YouTube Wednesday at Noon featuring a song never heard before called “I Am Ready” by Nic Scott. The real video starts around 5 minutes 32 seconds. For lyrics and the story behind the song, please check out the “I Am Ready” song page.

Wednesday at Noon – Feb 20, 2019

Wednesday at Noon live from YouTube! This is the first time I took Wednesday at Noon to YouTube live. I was getting frustrated with Facebook, so decided to make a change. I like the freedom that YouTube provides. And I like the audio quality of  this as well! Wednesday at Noon – 2/20/19Watch this video […]