I Am Ready

Words and Music by Nicolas Scott
© 2017

Verse 1
88 years spent with hope
And joy of what tomorrow will hold
The sun shining bright
Germinated life
The buds opened, the flowers were sold

Verse 2
Grew up in a grid-locked ghetto
Met her love in a dusty meadow
Lived with plows in her backyard
Sometimes life was hard
But he treated her right until he died

She said, “I am ready, I am ready”
Hold back those tears
Soon I’ll get my fill
Oh I am ready, I’m sure not steady
When I close my eyes
I imagine you’re here still

Verse 3
A mother and a wife was her call
Breathing new life into us all
Feeding she did best
And made sure that we got our rest
Until the day her bed got bigger

Verse 4
Nothing could prepare her for this
Empty table, quiet house amiss
Her mind was all alone
Locked in her cell of stone
Less visitors came, the days grew darker

Wednesday At Noon - 2/27/19
“I Am Ready” from Wednesday at Noon from 2/27/19


I wrote this song around a year after my Grandfather died in 2016. I saw how my Grandmother was mentally declining. I tried to tell her life story in 3 minutes.

This song was written on acoustic guitar and I just recently started playing it on piano, which can be a challenge when you don’t have a rhythm section.