24 December Songs

December of 2023 will always be remembered as a time when I kicked my own *%$ and wrote and produced a song for the 24 days before Christmas. Thanks to my friend and co-writer Angela Musk for pushing me to do this. I think I did more than she thought I’d do. And so did I.

Here are the songs:

  1. Vanilla Extract
  2. Alone At Christmas
  3. Falling For You
  4. Thanks for the Memories
  5. Baby, It’s Hot Outside
  6. Communication Breakdown
  7. Red Wine & Cigarettes
  8. Be Me
  9. Love Is In Your Eyes
  10. Seventy Two
  11. Forever Bound
  12. Anymore

“Official” Music Videos

Vanilla Extract
Alone At Christmas
Falling For You
Thanks for the Memories
Baby, It’s Hot Outside
Communication Breakdown