What If

Words and Music by Nicolas R. Scott © 2020 All Rights Reserved. ASCAP.

Verse 1

What if I never had the balls
To walk up to you in that hall
And ask you dance
To some 80s romantic song

Looking back it seems so simple
But in that moment it was something special
Yea my heart racing fast
Wanting the moment to last
Until I could never breathe again

Pre Chorus

Oh a hundred times a day I’m feeling sorry for myself
But it’s just another moment I’ll get in and I’ll get out
Remembering the story of how love was nothing (else) before what if 

Verse 2

What if there wasn’t any gravity
And if falling never scraped your knee
How the hell would you learn
If you didn’t feel burning
And pain never happened

What if the seasons didn’t change
And if summer always came again
Would complacency bring on
The laziness and spawn
A bunch of nothing?


What if, what if I never did that thing
What if, what if I never said your name
What if, what if my life would never change


I hold the key to a much freer me
Nobody else has that power
If I can get outta my own damn way
Then I’ll be flying high
Wheels up into the sky
Never again the cry of what if 

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