Wednesday at Noon – Feb 20, 2019

Wednesday at Noon live from YouTube! This is the first time I took Wednesday at Noon to YouTube live. I was getting frustrated with Facebook, so decided to make a change. I like the freedom that YouTube provides. And I like the audio quality of  this as well!

Wednesday at Noon - 2/20/19


This week we’re featuring a new song I wrote just a few days ago. It’s called “Bad Mood” — inspired by my own 5 year old son’s bad mood 🙂

Here are the lyrics:


Bad Mood

Words and Music by Nicolas Scott
Written: 2/16/19
© 2019 Nicolas Scott


Sometimes things don’t go right
Sometimes you lose the fight

Yea my blood boils
Over the edge
The flames annoyed are
Creeping up the side
Then I fly
Off the handle and my eyes are red

I’m in a bad mood
And I can’t get out
It feels so damn good
To scream and shout
And when this bad mood loosens up it grip
I’m gonna slip away
There’s nothing to say
Except “sorry I was just in another one of my bad moods

Brought down over the stupidest thing
Layed down and buried my head in the pillow
I’ll just stay in my room for the rest of the day
And I’ll listen to sad songs to hear what they say


I’m entitled
To smell my own shit
Ain’t suicidal
Just feeling a little bit rotten
This day will be forgotten