I Hope You Learned a Lot

Words and Music by Nicolas Scott
© 2019


One day when I’m old
And I can’t walk or
Hold my own bladder
Please put a pillow on my face

I know that sounds so
Inhumane but
Forgive my selfish wishes
But I don’t think I’d add too much value in your life


Let me sit here on my own
Drug me up and watch me moan
My life ain’t what it used to be
From dust I came
And back to dust I must return
Come back to talk to me
When I’m quietly in my urn
I gave you life
And now mine’s yours
I hope you learned a lot from me

Wednesday at noon - 3/20/19
Performance of “I Hope You Learned a Lot” from Wednesday at Noon 3/20/19


This was another song of mourning written during the period that my Grandmother was in hospice. Perhaps a realization of what life comes to at the end.