Hey Girl

Words and Music by Nicolas Scott
© 2018

Hey girl,
I know you’re up there
Looking down on me

Hey girl,
I feel you up there
Watching over me

Pre chorus
Now I’ve gotta close my eyes to see you
Touch myself to feel you
Makes it hard to breath through

When I
Feel the sunrise
I hold my breath

For your morning greeting
To wake me up instead

Just want a kiss upon my head
To help me go back to bed
Keep waking up in cold sweat

How long how long how long
Must my heart need to beat outside my chest
I’ll live the rest of my life with no blood flow while my soul tries to find rest

Hey girl why’d you do this
Didn’t talk to me

Now I’m going to lose it
For eternity

Wednesday at noon - 3/20/19
“Hey Girl” as performed on Wednesday at Noon on 3/20/19


I had this tune for a while with a placeholder lyric that started with “Hey Man, I know you’re up there” — and I thought the song would be about losing a friend.

Then in the fall of 2018, my wife lost one of her college friends to the terrible effects of postpartum depression. She was a first time mom, married not too long ago– I remember a super funny, smart girl who you’d think would be the last person to have this happen. I instantly felt for her widower.

The beginning of the verse was an easy lyric change which flowed right into the pre chorus. I hadn’t yet had a chorus figured out, but I knew that the end of the pre chorus was some kind of big build up. I couldn’t find a way to get somewhere elevated so then I pulled out the ole’ key change trick. Up a minor third from E is how we landed in G.

Every time I play this song my wife sheds some tears and remembers her friend. I’m sure there are many others who can relate to a situation like this. This song is dedicated to all of you.