24 December Songs

December of 2023 will always be remembered as a time when I kicked my own *%$ and wrote and produced a song for the 24 days before Christmas. Thanks to my friend and co-writer Angela Musk for pushing me to do this. I think I did more than she thought I’d do. And so did […]

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A Song a Day (RPM) Challenge – Feb 2022

Every year during the month of February there’s a challenge to write a song a day. Just because. I did it half-heartedly a couple of years ago, just before Covid shut down our lives. But I’ve finally gotten my music life back in order and I’ve been writing. Writing Using Prompts This year I’m using […]

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Photo by Anastasia Taioglou on Unsplash

Whoa, It’s Been a While

Man, it’s been a while since I posted anything new. Every “side project” gets its moment of glory and then gets left in the shadows of something more important. As much as writing music has to be one of my side projects for general survival, I still haven’t lost the dream of my songs actually […]

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Pop/Rock Singer Songwriter

Nic Scott is today’s piano man. The singer/songwriter who was born and raised in New Jersey specializes in making powerful piano pop with colorful, catchy melodies and honest lyrics. Writing and playing piano since 5 years old, now its time for Nic to give his music back to world.

Nic explores the discovery of life in his music.

Live My Dream” takes the listener on stage at a rock show, experiencing the overwhelming feeling of the crowd singing your song back to you.

The pop/rock song “Pull Through” engages from the intro with driving piano chords, then pays off with a Costello-like chorus and McCartney-esque gritty upper-range vocals.

“On My Way” reflects on one’s purpose in life, and realizes that following your heart is the only way to true success and happiness.

The melodic love song “Deepest Blue” explores romance with a lover personified by its soaring guitar solo.

Nic is the former lead singer of the popular Baltimore band Dr. Nasty and the Affirmations (aka DNA). DNA frequently played at Phillips’ Seafood restaurant piano bar in the Inner Harbor during 2004-2007. They disbanded when Nic moved to New York to pursue his music career. DNA is most known for their interesting covers of popular songs like “Walk This Way,” “Hey Ya,” “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant,” “Let it Be,” “Levon” and more.

The other members of DNA include Baltimore-based musicians Mike Barry (drums, vocals), Chris Wittman (guitars), and James Reidy (bass, drums, vocals). Some of the tracks you hear on this website were recorded by DNA at Loyola University Maryland, and others the band recorded pieces remotely as they now live all over the North East.

What people are saying about Nic’s Music:

“Poppy, good vocals, a bit punk (in a good way)! Smart. Reminds me of Elvis Costello.”
-Matt Malley, Counting Crows

“I hear Ben Folds’ influence in your songwriting above all else. Billy is certainly there in your playing style, most notably in your rhythms and your solos. I also hear some McCartney in your lyrics and your chord colors.”
-Chris Wittman, Steve Pomplon Band